Tools of the trade for producing an original comic strip.

About the Artist: History

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For over 30 years Larry has been a professional staff artist for the Garfield comic strip, which is in worldwide syndication in over 2100 newspapers, 111 countries, and 26 languages. During this time he has worked in several mediums. His work with airbrush, inking, and design spans the gamut of the comic strip and merchandising industry. He has created art for print, apparel, publications, and collectibles for such licensees as Andrews McMeel Publishing, Balantine Books, Danbury Mint, and Scholastic to name a few.

With the comic strip having entered the digital age, the tools of the trade have changed. Computer software, including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, now replace hand-inking, coloring, and airbrushing. Apparently you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Work Portfolio

Though I have worked in many mediums, on hundreds of artworks, for merchandizing and publishing including a multitude of Garfield comic strips, I chose to show a few of my works done in watercolor. Some were published and some were spec pieces done out of creative sessions.


Reflection at waterfall

under shade tree by barn

On the beach

Garfield underwater

Walk bridge over stream

Cabin in the snow

Tree top birds nest

Snow slope slide

Calendar Cover, pond refelection