About the Artist: Bio

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“My enthusiasm for watercolor painting was realized and became undeniably evident with my first introduction to the medium. It is still my passion today and is something I am constantly aware of.” 

Those are the words of Larry Fentz, who shortly after high school and for the next several years worked for a few commercial art and design studios in Indianapolis which got his foot in the door of the art world.

In the mid 70s Larry took weekly watercolor classes for two years with artist Luke Buck, an instructor, mentor and now close friend. As a result, watercolor painting became a passion that Larry has pursued ever since. He has also had the honor and privilege of studying under other such renowned watercolor favorites as the late, great Zoltan Szabo, Sterling Edwards, Tony Couch, Frank Webb, Don Getz, and others.

Larry is highly influenced by his many workshop instructors, teachers, mentors, and artist peers, and is always learning from his visual surroundings and extended travels. He is always looking at things from a different perspective – studying shapes, values, composition, colors, and the way they relate to each other – quite often completely immersed in a thought pattern all his own. If you were to ask his grade school teachers, they would call it daydreaming, but with this artist there’s no doubt it is a state of constant visual awareness that demands his undivided attention. He says that “Daydreams are undeveloped gifts waiting to be realized and acted upon.”

Larry has exhibited and sold paintings in juried shows such as the Hoosier Salon – Indianapolis, Indiana; the Castle Gallery – Fort Wayne, Indiana; Minnetrista Cultural Center – Muncie, Indiana; and Strokes of Nature – Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis, Indiana. He is a member of the Kentucky Watercolor Society, the Watercolor Society of Indiana, and the Hoosier Salon in Indianapolis, IN. His paintings are also vested in several private collections.