About the Artist : Artist Statement

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Growing up in central Indiana, I have come to know and love the rural landscape, having worked on several farms as a young boy. Old barns, fence-rows, and fields of baled hay always caught my eye. The broken string of farmhouses, silos, and patches of woods on the horizon catching the afternoon sun created magical moments that eventually inspired me to capture them with paint. I began my lifelong passion for watercolor painting after the instruction and guidance in the medium by artist and painter, Luke Buck.

An artist develops a unique and personal style over time, striving to master his medium, and training his eye to compose and interpret what he sees. My goal is to lead the viewer’s eye to a focal point in a painting using composition, color, contrast, and directional shapes. Learning many techniques over the years, a favorite of mine is using “lost-and-found edges”  (meaning to soften a hard edge, allowing it to disappear), and suggesting just enough detail to let the viewer use their own imagination.