Limited Editions

A Limited Edition is a specific numbered set of prints made from an original piece of artwork under the Artist's supervision. Each print is then hand signed and numbered by the artist, typically in pencil, in the form (e.g.): 25/200. The first or top number is the number of the print and the second or bottom number is the total number of prints that are made of that image at that size. When the edition number has been met, that image is then retired. Therefore setting a value on each print depending on it's number and the size of the print run or edition.

Artist Proofs, or press proofs, are a small number of "first prints" of an edition that the artist will proof during the process before the edition is printed and they are signed with "AP" or "proof" instead of a number. Giving these prints a slightly higher value.

A Giclee (zhee-clay) is a high resolution, fine art print made by a digital ink-jet process. These high quality prints are made with fade-resistant archival inks and are printed on acid free, 100% cotton (Rag) fiber paper much like the original watercolor paper. This process is commonly used today by artists and galleries to produce their high-end prints.